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Meet Yanar, our esteemed yogi extraordinaire!

As the mastermind behind Yanar Mind & Movement, Yanar is dedicated to fostering holistic wellbeing through the art of yoga therapy, specialised yoga practices, and tailored functional fitness.

With a diverse background ranging from marathons to CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting, Yanar brings a wealth of expertise. Yanar is a Level 3 personal trainer and holds accreditation as a 580-hour yoga therapist and a 200-hour yoga teacher. On top of this, Yanar has a 20-year career writing health, fitness, and wellness for the national press, including Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and Runner’s World.

In Yanar’s classes, you’ll embark on a mind-body connection journey and equip yourself with the tools to harmonise your nervous system, effectively tackle everyday stress and anxiety, and achieve restful sleep. Here’s what you can expect:

Intimate class settings with a maximum of six participants

Calming, restorative yoga, and mindfulness practices that systematically developed over the weeks

Restorative yoga nidra to deeply relax the mind and body

Yanar will be running a 6-week course starting on Wednesday 1st May 2024.

Classes will be 1 hour long, 7:15 pm to 8:15 pm.

This total cost for six weeks is £90.

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Our Customer Reviews


I found Ben through a quick google search and after 3 sessions I’m pain free. Ben was amazing! Our initial session he listened to me explain my back issues and severe pain that I’ve had for a long time. After 3 sessions with Ben, I am now pain free and my back rarely hurts or causes me pain. His adjustments have helped so much and the exercises he’s taught me have been helping me so much in maintaining this pain free back. Thank you so much Ben for helping me out so much. I 100% recommend going to see Ben. He’s the best chiropractor in London.

Isma Azad

Ben has treated me multiple times, recent one for my hip. I have recovered completely and also trained during the treatment period. I can now move, run and train without any pain. Highly recommend Ben! Very professional, great ambience, clean clinic and adherence to COVID protocols.

Manju Saranya Balan

Ben is extremely warm and welcoming. He’s very positive and encouraging, so it is always a pleasure to come to my appointment. Alongside the chiropractic treatment, he’s also advising on a home training plan, to improve my strength after an injury. I would highly recommend Ben!

Norbert Lorand

Ben is a really great chiropractor, with extensive knowledge of the human anatomy & physiotherapy, so perfect for anyone looking for help with rehabilitation. Ben has been great with me supporting me through my ACL rehab, as well as assisting me with neck and lower back issues. Will always have time for you away from your appointment times. Can't recommend highly enough. Thank you Ben.

Norbert Lorand

Skilled and knowledgeable! Called last minute and Ben was able to accommodate. Sleepless nights with discomfort and locked neck/upper back area. Ben knew areas that needed to be targeted and worked quickly to resolve my issues. Also, showed me exercises to do to help. Can't thank you enough! Left pain free and feeling more mobile! Thanks

Norbert Lorand